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Starting School Rhapsody 入学入園狂詩曲(2011 April) 英語版

  From April, Haru and Tera are to go to a nursery school.  That's because Tera was not accepted at Haru's kindergarten.  The principal turned us down bluntly.  Tera's therapist says "The kindergarten could have gained a lodt by letting Tera in.....  They  don't know what they've missed."  Kochan went to the kindergarten for 4 years and I don't want to make a big deal out of it.  However, I'd like to take a little parting shot, "Too bad.", and move onto the nursery school.


     I'm quite surprised that Tera and Haru were accepted at the nursery school, because I had no job when I applied for the nursery school.  I just said to the city hall people, "I'm going to start up an English school from April!", and had nothing to prove it.  I expected I'd be put on the list of ‘Still job hunting-group’.  Surprisingly, they let us in at our second-choice nursery school.  Thank you, city hall people for believing me.


     Well, it was very smooth up till the entrance ceremony.  The next day, the first day at nursery school, Haru started to act up.  He started crying at the parking lot, and refused to walk.  I had no choice but to carry him in my arms.  Then, "chomp!!" he bit my arm!!   "Ooooooouch!!!!" I shouted.  "You, little brat!!!!" I thought.  But, the next moment, tears flooded out of my eyes.  It partly could have been because of the pain in my arm, but my heart was in more pain.  Haru had to leave his favorite kindergarten and be apart from his good buddies for reasons he had nothing to do with.  The pain in my arm was Haru's pain, I thought.  I didn't think I was entitled to punish him for biting me.  So, Haru and I both cried together.  Teachers must have been stunned, but the feeling and tears were somehing uncontrollable.  Haru kept circling around me but finally he was caught by the teacher.  I ran away withoug looking back.


    On the other hand, Tera swished his hand good bye at me with a big smile, and his teacher carried him into the classroom.  Well...I guess that's alright.  Tera, you always save your mummy.


     The third day at nursery school, Haru unexpectedly went into his classroom without making a scene though he looked as nervous as the day before.  He might have had a good time the day before, or he might have totally given up, I don't know.  Even now, after one week of nursery school, Haru looks nervous when he goes into his classroom.  "Hang in there, Haru!"


     Tera, on the third day or so, finally, finally got the idea of nursery school.  He slapped his teacher's hands away and clung on to me.  I said to the teacher, "Wow, great!  He knows what's going on!!, Isn't it great, Snsei!?", and I ripped him off my body and handed him to the teacher.  Tera kept looing at me while being taken away.  Well, what do you expect, Tera?  You are hte third boy.  Mummy's feeling of worriness is already worn out by your older brothers.  The third kid is treated as the third regardless of Down's syndrome.

     Our first boy, Kochan started his compulsory education on Monday.  On the way to the entrance ceremony, he kept asking  " It's not a real thing today, right?  Are you with me all the time today, mummy?"  Though his questions were not so meaningful, I understood his nervousness.  Thanks to the nervousness, Kochan didn't do as much fooling around as usual and we made it through the day.......   Well, almost.  In the evening, Kochan turned into a little Yakuza and started complaining about everything on earth.  At dinner, he said, "I can't eat something so yucky as this!  My day of ceremony was totally ruined." and he had to spend some time outside the house.  The next morning, he curled up and said "I have a stomachache."  Here we go.  There was no way Kochan would start things smoothly.  Somehow, he has managed the first three days.  He goes to school and comes back home.  That's good enough for now.


     Three  boys all entered new environments and are trying to adjust, so I know I have to be super patient with them.  But, but I'm trying to adjust, too.  When I'm drowning, I can't help other drowning people.  Kochan, you always say, "That's life."  Let's go with it.  Let's try not to try too hard and be ourselves.


     Tera has been sick the last two days and he can't go to nursery school.  Today, he was diagnosed with the flu!!  "What? He had the flu a few months ago."  The doctor says "It must be a different type."  Nobody at nursery school has the flu.  Where did you get it, Tera?  I sill think the doctor might be mistaken, but actually, Tera does have a fever, and he is wheezing a lot.  Please please don't get yourself hospitalized again, Tera!  "Hang in there, Tera."


Hang in there, Kochan!


Hang in there, Me!



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出生前診断 英語バージョン!! My thoughts on prenatal diagnosis

昨年から、近くのカルチャースクールで、大人に英語を教え始め、自分自身の英語力をキープ&上達させる事の重要性をひしひしと感じるようになった。 大人を教えるのは、とても楽しいが、同時に大きなチャレンジ。なぜなら、大人は、子どもと違って色んな質問をする。正直、その場で答えられないものもある。そこで、家に持ち帰って必死で調べる事になる。その過程は、とても楽しく、私自身の勉強になる。 やっぱ、私は、英語が好きなんだなぁ!って思う。 こうちゃんを妊娠してから、8年くらい、英語を本格的に教える事から遠ざかって、英語力キープの為の勉強も怠っていた。 ダーリンの、稼ぎの上にあぐらをかいて、なまぬるーい生活に浸っていた。

ダーリンが、失業して、あ!私がもっと働かなくちゃ!って思った。英語を教えるのが、大好き。だから、英語を教える仕事を続けて行きたい。 その為には、私自身がもっと勉強しなれば!と久しぶりに、やる気になった。思い立ったが吉日で、早速私自身が、レッスンに通い始めた。プライベートレッスンと行きたいが、おじぇじぇがないから、あくまでグループなんだけど、同レベルの人がまだいないから・・と、とりあえず、一人グループレッスンを受けさせてもらってる!ラッキーhappy01  

そこで、レッスン時間、一時間、先生を独占して、質問しまくり、しゃべりまくり・・・家で書いた作文を添削してもらったり、 あっという間に時間が過ぎるってのは、この事。 楽しくて仕方がない。英語は、教えては、いるものの、ネイティブスピーカーと、長時間喋る機会は、今の状況では、めったにないから、本当に貴重な時間。 

さて、先生の勧めがあり、いままで書いたブログ記事の中から、選抜して、英語バージョンを載せる事にしました。「外国人も読めるから。」と先生。 翻訳することで、私自身の、勉強になる。それに加えて、外国人が読んでくれたとしたら、うれしいな。今回は、2012年10月に書いた『出生前診断』の翻訳バージョンをのせま~すgood

                                   My thoughts on prenatal diagnosis

     Recently, there seem to be TV programs on prenatal diagnosis more often than ever.  The issue is not simply discussed with pros and cons.  Due to the dramatic progress of medicine, human beings are to confront one of the toughest controversies we've ever had.  The progress in prenatal diagnosis can mean the increase in abortion.  That's how we should take time and debate on the issue very carefully.  I wouldn't have had so much interest in this issue if I hadn't had my son, Tera, who has Down's syndrome.

     As Tera's mother, how do I feel about this issue?  First of all, I consider abortion as a legal murder.  Of course, there sometimes are justifiable self-defense cases for this.  The fact doesn't change that abortion is sill murder.  Then, how would I feel about the parents who are told in the middle of the mother's pregnancy that their fefus has some kind of defect, and decide to abort their baby.  Would I feel that the parents are devilish murderers?  No, I wouldn't.  It's very natural for any parent to want to have a healthy baby.  People are not so strong including myself.  If parents are told, "Your fetus has defect.  If you decide now, you can eliminate your baby." with a choice and a time limit, can every parent say "No"to this?  I don't expect that.  In fact, I read that 80 percent of the parents who are told of their fetus having a defect, decide to get an abortion.  I think there's nothing can be done about it.  If I had been given the choice during my pregnancy, I can't fully deny the possibility of Tera not existing now.  I could have committed murder.

     I gave birth to Tera without knowing his defect.  I went through a rough time, and there will be more days to worry about.  Nevertheless, for me and probably for my family, Tera is a significant member of our family.  We cannnot think of our life without Tera.  If I try to imagine that, it makes me want to cry with a feeling of despair.  The feeling is a natural one to have for your loved ones, and it doesn't matter if he/she has a defect or not.  It's not important.

     The medical progress will make it easier to tell if a fetus has a chromosomal defect.  In the near future, I imagine, there will be fewer babies with Down's syndrome born.  Well, there's nothing I can do about it if it's the way human beings are heading towards.  I, however, want to ask quetions.  Are people with Down's syndrome not welcome to the society?  Are their lives not worthwhile?  I know the answer to the quetion is NO.  I know Tera is living a good quality of life, and most importantly, he's not only receiving but he is given a lot of things to people surrounding him.

     I still can't give up on my small wish that there will always be parents who'd say, "If this baby's willing to be born, we will give birth to it and raise him/her with all our love and energy."  I'd like to live in a society where these kinds of people live in.  A society where people with prenatal and postnatal difficulties and people who don't have either for the moment live together helping one another, with Tera and my family.

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